This menu is available daily until we run out. If you'd like larger quantities or pans of meats and sides you may contact us at 

[email protected] 

Smoked Meats

There will be a max of 2 pounds per order to ensure enough food for everyone, If you give us a couple days’ notice we are more than happy to prepare any quantity you may want

Brisket: Tender Beef Smoked 16 Hours sliced to order $20 per pound

Pulled Pork: Award Winning Low and Slow BBQ $13 per pound

Pulled Chicken: Whole Smoked Chicken hand pulled $15 per pound

Baby Back Ribs: Half Rack (6 bones) $15 Full Rack (12 bones) $27

Bulk Sides

Mac and Cheese: Creamy 3 cheese Sauce over cavatappi $10 per pound

Potato Salad: Red potatoes dressed with bacon and onion $10 per pound

Baked Beans: Hearty beans gone southern cuisine $10 per pound

Green Beans: Grandma’s recipe cooked down for hours $8 per pound

Coleslaw: Shredded Cabbage, carrots sweet with a little tang $8 per pound

Potato Rolls

8 pack for $6.00 or 4 pack for $3.00

Drinks on the Fly

2-Liter Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Dr Pepper $3.19